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Xiamen Jufu plastic products Co., Ltd. launched its official website

Xiamen Jufu plastic products Co., Ltd., established in 1999, is a high-tech new material enterprise integrating "product R & D, intelligent manufacturing and marketing promotion". It is also an industry-leading manufacturer and supplier of intelligent environmental protection packaging materials. Its main products cover high-performance membrane materials and functional membrane materials, which are widely used in people's livelihood, logistics, industry, animal husbandry and other fields. Adhering to the corporate mission of "scientific and technological innovation and shaping a healthy and green home", Jufu attaches importance to the harmonious symbiosis and integrated development of enterprises with people, nature and society. Jufu will continue to provide customers with better packaging upgrading materials through scientific and technological innovation, and make unremitting efforts to improve the quality of human life and create a beautiful ecological environment. The company has established an enterprise technology center and obtained multiple independent research and development patents and registered trademarks. Drafting and formulating industry standards for stretch wrap films for transportation packaging (BB/T 0024-2018), and participating in the development of multiple national standards. The enterprise has obtained certifications such as ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, etc.

Sweet scented osmanthus and warm Mid Autumn Festival

In this season of cool autumn wind and sweet scented osmanthus, the annual Mid Autumn Festival is ushered in. In order to thank all employees for their hard work and let all employees have a peaceful and Happy Mid Autumn Festival, under the arrangement of the company's leaders, gifts were distributed to everyone on September 18, sending deep love and full blessings to all employees.

Jufu lean operation launch meeting

Since its establishment, Jufu company has made continuous efforts to explore its way forward in more than 20 years of ups and downs. With the increasingly fierce market competition, enterprises are forced to continuously reduce costs and increase efficiency. Under this situation, enterprises want to occupy a position in the market and earn profits. We need to abandon the previous management mode of coarse ore and find a better way. Through the resolution of the company, our company will introduce lean operation management mode from July 30, 2021, so as to improve our business efficiency and improve the salary and welfare of all employees. In this mobilization, we call on all personnel to unify their thinking, actively participate, promote lean operation and operate the enterprise with a better management model.

Women's day, best wishes to the beautiful you!

Gathering "beauty, intelligence, health and gentleness", you are the richest woman. On goddess day, I wish you always bloom like a song, never fail and last forever.
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