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Development and application of agricultural film

Traditional plastic agricultural film according to different resin raw materials, plastic films commonly used in agricultural production mainly include polyvinyl chloride (PVC) film, polyethylene (PE) film, ethylene monoester acid ethylene copolymer (EVA) film, etc. Firstly, the resin material, masterbatch core, modifier, coupling layer and dispersion layer are made into plastic masterbatch, and different types of films are made by calendering or blow molding process. The main functions of agricultural film mulching in production are increasing temperature, preserving moisture, regulating light, preventing grass and regulating soil salinity. The earliest used agricultural film is PVC film, which has good thermal insulation and weather resistance, but has a large proportion. The film surface is easy to absorb dust, has poor light transmittance, and produces toxic gases such as HCl during combustion; PE film is light, soft, easy to shape and good light transmittance. It is one of the main agricultural films used in China, but it has poor weather resistance and thermal insulation, and is easy to form water droplets; EVA film is a new film material used in agriculture in recent years because its light transmittance, heat preservation and weather resistance are better than PVC and PE films. For decades, plastic film mulching technology has promoted the rapid development of agricultural economy, but the degradation process of plastic agricultural film is slow and takes more than 100 years, resulting in the decline of soil quality and environmental pollution.

Main factors affecting plasticizing quality

Generally speaking, the screw diameter D is inversely proportional to the maximum injection pressure and directly proportional to the plasticizing capacity.

Casting film processing technology

Cast film is a non tensile and non directional flat extruded film produced by melt salivation quenching.

Winding machines are divided into pre stretching winding machines and resistance stretching winding machines according to different winding and stretching modes of film frame.

The pre stretching winding machine is a model widely used in the market at present. The pre stretching winding machine pulls the winding film according to the tension set by the winding machine through the motor on the pre stretching film frame, and then wraps it on the pallet goods placed on the turntable of the winding machine. The winding film stretched by the pre stretching winding machine is uniform and beautiful.

Let "light packaging" become a new social trend (people's current review)

In recent years, with the rapid development of e-commerce and increasingly diversified consumer demand, the phenomenon of excessive packaging "occurs repeatedly" and the patterns are constantly renovated. Excessive packaging not only brings trouble to consumers, but also becomes a practical problem related to environmental protection and green development.
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